TradeLink Technologies Partnership

27 May 2015

Convergence Capital and TradeLink Technologies have brokered a partnership to expand the scope of each one’s services to their client base.

Convergence Capital has been selected as the exclusive provider of trade financing services for TradeLink’s customer base.  As part of this partnership, integration between their 2 platforms, TradeLinkOne and Abacus, will redefine a new model in the financial services industry by closely linking physical supply chain data to associated monetary transactions.  With an integrated platform model, TradeLink will now be able to offer trade finance through their own dedicated module while simultaneously, Convergence will be able to offer Pack and Scan capabilities and other factory solutions to their customer base.

This integration between the physical and financial supply chain is the next evolution in trade finance by reducing risk, increasing efficiency through automation and ultimately lowering costs.

About TradeLink Technologies:

TradeLink Technologies, was created in late 1999 to help global importers and logistics companies connect electronically with their supply chain partners. The founders of the company went into business with the primary goals of facilitating better shipment information and maximizing supply chain information benefits for customers. These goals were not only to provide connectivity or EDI type compliance but to more importantly support and assist with forward thinking logistics and distribution processes such as direct shipments, shipment visibility event status, connect with trade finance partners, “paperless” trade documents, and more.

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About Convergence Capital:

Convergence Capital is the premier trade finance service provider in Asia Pacific with connectivity to support over 4,000 suppliers and 50+ buying organizations.

With access to global and regional funding institutions, we have the capital necessary to drive successful supply chain finance programs as well as traditional receivables financing transactions.

We facilitate supply chain finance, or reverse factoring, programs with global buyers while supporting both local and international suppliers, as well as funders during each step of the process. Our support to local and international suppliers expands to include financing of receivables across their entire customer portfolio at rates and terms much more favorable than traditional factoring.

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