Receivables Finance

Accounts receivable financing is an efficient way to manage working capital as a supplier or wholesale brand. Convergence Capital implements solutions that allow corporates to fund their receivables book through multiple methods.

While open account trade is getting more popular, it presents significant problems for sellers:

  • Cash is locked in the form of Accounts Receivable
  • Risk of nonpayment due to buyer default


Treating the undue payment as an asset (Accounts Receivable), clients can generate immediate cash through various methods of Receivables Financing:


There are certain differences between these two methods of Receivables Financing. Convergence has the capability to offer both standard methods, or a mix of the two, based on the following preferences of our client:

Leveraging our global funding network and our expertise in trade finance, we help create a tailor-made solution that fully addresses our clients’ working capital needs. Whether you aim at off-balance sheet financing, payment protection or simply low cost funding, Convergence is ready to help.